Growing the Sport for Women #kcdiscgolfdivas

About the KC Disc Golf Divas

Since its founding in 2011, the Kansas City Disc Golf Divas has been dedicated to introducing women and girls in the Kansas City area of all ages to disc golf, a fun sport that offers excellent exercise and many opportunities to develop problem-solving skills and self-confidence.

Disc Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. It’s fun, exciting and we want to spread the word about this great sport to other women. Disc golf can use the exposure to boost female participation. Of the 8,304 active PDGA members in 2003, 625 or 7.5 % were females. Flash forward 10 years and of the active 20,587 members in 2013, the female percentage is virtually the same at 7.4%. Total up every member to sign up since 1976 (more than 62,000), females still account for only 7%.

“We’re growing rapidly, but the number of men compared to the number of women is not changing at all,” said PDGA Memberships Manager Sara Nicholson, who also acts as the PDGA staff representative to the Women’s Committee.

KC Disc Golf Divas offer weekly leagues– no commitment. We know how challenging it is to balance all our responsibilities as women, wives and mothers. Show up and play whenever and as often as you can.

We are also a sister club of the Kansas City Flying Disc Club.

The Kansas City Flying Disc Club is a non-profit, member supported organization with the following mission:

To provide an exceptional disc golf experience in Kansas City while focusing on competition, conservation, education, partnerships, and philanthropy. We strive to make disc golf attractive to all local players, help our parks, and entice others to visit! Learn more about KCFDC membership here.

Got Questions?

If you’re thinking of joining the KC Disc Golf Divas (or the KCFDC) but have questions or concerns, please contact us here.