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Divas Fall & Winter Schedule

Divas Fall & Winter Schedule

Less daylight and cooler weather means the Disc Golf Divas are on the move again. Monday September 25th 2017 is our last Ladies Night Out for the season at Rosedale. We’ll be back at Swope on Sundays for our winter league beginning October 8th.

Something new this year is the addition of Disc Golf Diva’s Brunch. One Sunday a month we will meet for brunch before our round at a designated home of a Diva brunch hostess.

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Ideally, we will play at each host’s home course after brunch but it will be up to her on the course and format we play that week. If the weather is not good for playing disc golf, maybe some board games!  I would like to try to limit how much responsibility each hostess has in terms of food and drink so let’s all plan to bring something or make a donation to help offset that.

My hope for these monthly gatherings in each others homes is that it brings us all that much closer, but also opens up new opportunities to get more ladies involved. In fact, I’ll be giving prizes for bringing someone new.

I’ll be personally hosting our first Divas Brunch at my house in Old Hyde Park/Midtown area beginning at 10:30 am on October 8th. Followed by 1 round at Swope (approx. 1:00 pm start time.)

Below is the schedule for Sundays for October 2017 through February 2018. I’ll keep this updated as we go along and if things change. Thank you to all the ladies that volunteered as a Brunch Hostess. This should be fun!


[last updated September 19, 2017]
  • October 1st: NO OFFICIAL LEAGUE
  • October 8th: Diva’s Brunch at Rhonda Crosby’s; Disc Golf (Doubles) at Swope
  • October 15th: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • October 22nd: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • October 29th: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • November 5th: Divas Brunch at Suzie Zell’s; Disc Golf at Pleasant Hill – Lakeshore
  • November 12th: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • November 19th: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • November 26th: NO OFFICIAL LEAGUE
  • December 3rd: Divas Brunch at Lisa Fleming’s; Decorating Diva Tree at Swope
  • December 10th: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • December 17th: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • December 24th: NO OFFICIAL LEAGUE
  • December 31st: NO OFFICIAL LEAGUE
  • January 7th: Divas Brunch at Tiffany Henkel’s; Disc Golf at Shawnee Mission
  • January 14th: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • January 21st: League 1:00pm @ Swope (subject to change depending on date of Ice Bowl)
  • January 28th: League 1:00pm @ Swope (subject to change depending on date of Ice Bowl)
  • February 4th: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • February 11th: Diva’s Brunch at Crispian’s; Disc Golf at Lakeside in Olathe
  • February 18th: League 1:00pm @ Swope
  • February 25th: League 1:00pm @ Swope





Frequently Asked Questions about Ladies Night Out

Frequently Asked Questions about Ladies Night Out

Ladies Night Out at Rosedale

This begins the 2017 spring and summer league season and kicks off our 7th consecutive year of what we fondly call, Ladies Night Out @ Rosedale!

Ladies Night Out is a free disc golf league for females of all ages and skill levels in the Kansas City area. We provide a fun, relaxed and supportive atmosphere for anyone wanting to learn more and improve their disc golf game with other women.

We’ve tried to answer the most commonly asked questions below. Please feel free to post in the comments below any other questions or special concerns.


Every Monday night April 3rd 2017 – September 25th 2017.
April: Tee off at 5:30 pm;  May-September: Tee off at 6:00pm.
Please try to arrive 15 minutes before tee time.


Rosedale Disc Golf Course. 4125 Mission Road, Kansas City, KS.
We’ll be using the Up Top course most weeks.

Cost and Registration

It’s FREE every week and pre-registration is not required. Just show up a few minutes before our tee off time.


We play a basic singles format most weeks but mix it up with random draw doubles or another format occasionally. Once a month we will play the Down Under course, also located at Rosedale, to work on our short game and shaping shots. Prizes and fun side games each week.

Look for updates on additional clinics and special guests throughout the season.

2016 League with special guest Valarie Doss

Do I need to bring or buy discs?

We have discs available each week for you to use if you don’t have discs yet. Eventually you will want to buy a few of your own. We’d be happy to help you with recommendations on disc choices and where to buy when you are ready.

I've only played a couple of times and I really like it but I'm not sure I'm ready for a league.

We’re beginner friendly and have ladies every week of all skill levels. Some just started playing and go to ladies night to learn more about the basics and core skills. Other ladies are more advanced and help mentor the beginner ladies.

My schedule varies and I'm not sure I would be able to make it every Monday night.

There’s no commitment. We know how challenging it is to balance all our responsibilities as women, wives and mothers. Show up and play whenever and as often as you can.

What do I wear?

Whatever makes you happy! The main thing is to be comfortable. We suggest athletic or hiking type shoes. Attire for disc golfers varies based on season but for women typically includes leggings, shorts, golf skirts, sport performance type shirts, hoodies, tee shirts, and tank tops. We also love our crazy socks!

I'm a more advanced player. Is this league only for beginners?

No way! We have several advanced and pro players too that come out and play just to have fun and camaraderie with the other women. You can come out and help mentor and support the beginners or choose to play for Diva Bag tags with other advanced players that want a little side competition.

KC Divas Bag Tags. Available for $6.00.

Can I bring my child?

Absolutely! They are our little future disc golfers! Many women bring their children out, strollers and all. If there are enough on a particular week, we try to put them all together on one card as a family group.

One of the KC Disc Golf Divas, Ava Meyer. She’s just 8 years old and already has a love and passion for disc golf! Future competition for sure!

Can I bring my dog?

 Yes- We are pet friendly! Just be sure to bring poo bags and be respectful as you are in any other public park.

Meet Pico. She’s a regular with the KC Divas!

Can I bring my guy?

YES! We share the course every Monday night with the the KCFDC Recreational league. We’re excited to see the return of this league, which is also FREE and now run by Joe Burke. You’ll play with the ladies, and he’ll play with the guys in Rec league!

Our Partners and Sponsors

We are a sister club of the Kansas City Flying Disc Club. We encourage you to explore their website and learn more about the KCFDC. Want to get more involved in the Kansas City disc golf scene? Become a member!

Dynamic Discs Kansas City is a sponsor of Ladies Night Out and many other KC Disc Golf Divas events. They help provide many of the weekly prizes and help with coordinating clinics.







2016 Summer League Schedule

2016 Summer League Schedule



The weather is getting warmer and windier here in Kansas City which is a sure sign that the Spring and Summer disc golf season is here!

2016 marks our 6th consecutive year and we will continue our traditional Monday nights at Rosedale a.k.a. Ladies Night Out!

We’re also trying something new this year. It’s like a traveling league… with a twist. I want to get a better understanding of where the ladies play in the KC area so we will be coming to a course near you very soon! I also hope this will give better opportunities for more women to participate.

So every Monday night we will be at Rosedale- this league is FREE and VERY beginner friendly. We will offer clinics once a month that will also be free. More advanced players are highly encouraged to come out and be a mentor!

New for 2016:  Then one night during the week we will offer a 2nd league on a rotating schedule of courses.  We will be supporting other KCFDC leagues  throughout the year with hopefully 1 or 2 women’s cards. You know- we gotta spread the KC Diva’s love!

Get your diva schwag on…

Get your diva schwag on…

Get your Diva schwag on!

We started the 2015 Fall season with KC DG Diva schwag! We now have T-shirts, Diva stamped discs (Latitude 64 Diamonds), and our own bag tags.

Bag Tags: $6.00
T-shirts: $15.00
KC Diva Diamond (various weights & colors) $20.00


T-shirts and Discs will be available for sale at most league events or you can contact us here.



In November, we played our first official ‘bag tag round’ at Bad Rock Creek in Liberty.

This is how we ended up:

Mando #1, Amy Crowe #2, April #3, Liz #4, Rhonda #5, Crispian #6, Yanina #7, Jaimee #8, Anna #9, Micha #10, Suzie Z #11, Rebecca #12.


It takes WOMEN to grow women’s disc golf

Welcome to the new home of KC Disc Golf Divas – off the course.

Kansas City is known as one of the mecca’s for disc golf and our community and local club, Kansas City Flying Disc Club, have a long and rich history. Now the KC women golfers are making some history of our own.

In the spring of 2011, I started Girls Night Out at Rosedale Disc golf course. This was really a ‘re-boot’ of the original Girls Night Out I was involved in back in 2001.

I recently ran across an old article about women’s disc golf from the Summer 2003 Issue of Disc Golf World News magazine. I thought I’d share so I copied below the part that Kristie Svejda wrote about our women’s group 11 years ago:

Women’s League here in Kansas City began three years ago. I had been on a short disc golf tour in 1999 and had heard about women who started a women’s league in their hometowns. This sounded like a great idea at the time, so I placed it in the back of my mind and forgot about it until the next season. In 2000, I was playing a lot of disc golf, usually with men, and I started figuring out the details for a women’s league. I made a few signs, put them up at our parks, and on that first night, I showed up along with a couple of other women. That year ended much like it began, with little success in the number of women players, but I was beginning to see how successful such a league could be if it caught on.

In 2001, I was a little discouraged about running a women’s league. I had dropped the $2.00 entry fee, and the signs in ’01 read: “Ladies League” instead of “Women’s League.” The biggest difference was that Ladies League now had a regular player. Tiffany would come to play every Thursday night, and since we were usually the only two girls, we came up with ideas on how to get more women to come out to play. Looking back on it, we must have looked crazy telling the women we would see playing with another group, “Come play with us on girls night.” They would ask us about the details, and we would say something like. “You’re looking at it. This is it.” Thus, Ladies League began, and before long, we consistently had a full card.

By the end of 2001, we had conned a few women into coming out almost every week, and word was starting to get around. Almost every week, I would go to our regularly scheduled league nights and announce, “Tell your girlfriends or wives to come out to Rosedale on Thursday nights to play women’s league with us.” Our league was starting to bloom, and we were having a blast watching it grow.

During 2002, the name “Ladies League” was dropped and replaced with “Girls’ Night Out,” and the league was running itself. Our turnout doubled to about eight, and by the end of the season, we had 15 women showing up to play on Thursday nights. The hardest part about watching the growth of our league was that we couldn’t all play on the same card anymore. We started splitting up in to two groups and eventually three.

So far, 2003 has been great. Everyone has filled a position of sorts in running Girls’ Night Out. In addition to running the league this year, Annie has made scorecards for us and is always there with extra discs to loan or sell. Tiffany, our mother hen, watches over all the girls and was key in making the league successful. Rhonda, our marketing guru, not only made business cards for us to pass out to other women, but she is also working on a Girls’ Night Out website. We even started a funny tradition of bringing snacks for after the round. Looking back to 2000, I would have never dreamed Girls’ Night Out would be such a success in just three years.

My advice, if you want to start a Girls’ Night Out in your hometown, is to make sure everyone is having a good time. Cut out all of the competition crap, and just take it easy for a night. Ask your friends and their friends to come out and play. If they don’t want to play all of the holes or quit during the round, that’s cool, because you’re not trying to find the next champion, you’re just hoping to be able to play disc golf with some cool chicks. Eventually, if your league works out like Kansas City’s has, more and more girls will start playing at the local events. Some will join the club; and sooner or later, they may join the PDGA; and voila, you have 15 new friends, and a women’s division at the next tournament.

We’ve come along way since then and we’re getting more and more new women playing with us regularly. We became the Kansas City Disc Golf Divas in 2012 and have a really amazing group of women- of all skill levels. We have fun together on and off the course.

What’s our secret sauce? Consistency. Week after week- even in the winter, weather permitting, we’re out there making our presence known on the course and encouraging other women to join in on the fun.

So what’s next for the KC Disc Golf Divas? We’re keeping the fun, relaxed environment we’ve always had for our leagues but we’re adding some focus on the competitive side for those women that have an interest in taking their game to the next level. This fall we started our first bag tag challenge for the women that have that competitive side. It’s gone over better than I could have imagined with 20 divas tags out in circulation. I’ll be ordering more to keep up with the demand.

We’re also hosting the very first women’s only disc golf tournament here in Kansas City, May 9 2015. Learn more about the KC Diva Spring Feeva here.


Rhonda Crosby created an event for Kansas City Disc Golf Divas. ... See MoreSee Less

Disc Golf Clinic Series for Women

March 4, 2018, 12:00pm - March 4, 2018, 1:00pm

Join us for a one hour disc golf clinic geared toward women. All skill levels welcome. The clinic is free. If you are wanting to start playing more tournaments, this is a great opportunity to get some...

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