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Disc Golf Divas is currently accepting reader content submissions.

You should write for us if…

  • You dig the Disc Golf Divas brand
  • You have an authentic and relatable story to share
  • You want to share your advice, expertise, or experience with others
  • Like us, you think women are awesome and are striving to help grow the sport

You can submit an original article for possible publication on DiscGolfDivas.com by contacting us and include “Content Submission” in the Subject line.

Monthly Contributors

Disc Golf Divas is currently looking for ongoing contributors. If you can use WordPress and can commit to writing one article per month that can help women in disc golf and is not self-promotional, contact us and include “Monthly Contributor” in the Subject line. Also, explain why you think you can add value to Disc Golf Divas.  Note: this is not a paying role at this time but does provide the author additional online exposure and networking opportunities. 

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