Win a Disc Golf Basket, Bag and more!

Support the KC Diva Spring Feeva event by purchasing a raffle ticket for your chance to win one (or all) of the following:

DD-basketDynamic Discs
Renegade Disc Golf Basket

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Bolt Ranger Disc Golf Bag






Gatorade Cooler – stocked with towels and Gatorade.



Nutsac Bag

~and many other cool items.



Tickets are 1 for $3.00 or 2 for $5.00. You can purchase tickets at all Diva’s leagues, Dynamic Disc Kansas City store, and select Dynamic Discs events.

Upcoming events to purchase your tickets:

  • Sunday April 19th Midwest Doubles Championship at Lakeside Hills
  • Monday April 20th KC Diva’s League at Rosedale
  • Saturday April 25: Kansas City Corporate Challenge at Swope

Actual Drawing to be held at the KC Diva Spring Feeva event, May 9th at Swope Park. You do not have to be present to win.

Special thanks to Scott Reek, Dynamic Discs, Nutsac Disc Golf Bags, and Matthew Jenkins for their raffle donations.

KC Divas to offer Disc Golf at Camp WIN

The Kansas City Disc Golf Divas are volunteering at CAMP Win this summer and introducing young girls to disc golf.

Session Schedule:

Thursday, July 2 (9-12 year olds) UMKC 9:45 – 11:45
Thursday, July 2 (6-8 year olds) UMKC 12:45-2:45

If you’re interested in helping at one of the sessions (or both), contact Rhonda Crosby.

Camp WIN has everything you’re looking for to EMPOWER young girls of the Kansas City area.

Camp WIN is designed to empower girls in our community by introducing them to over 14 new sports and fitness activities over four days. High school girls serve as team leaders, and instructors come from local universities, colleges, high schools and other area organizations. WIN for KC offers a fun, safe and encouraging environment for the girls to explore and learn these different activities.

For more information on WIN for KC and Camp WIN, click here.

5 ways to support KC Diva Spring Feeva

The past couple of months as I’ve talked about the Inaugural KC Diva Spring Feeva event, the most common question I am asked in the disc golf community is, “how can I support you- what do you need?”

So to make it super simple , here is the list of top 5 ways to support KC Diva Spring Feeva:

1. Purchase a Dyemax Fundraiser Disc:


Check out these beauties! For just $20.00, one (of ONLY 10) can be yours! All proceeds to support the KC Diva Spring Feeva! You can purchase these and other KC Disc Golf Divas discs at all Diva’s leagues, Dynamic Disc Kansas City store, Disc Golf World and select Dynamic Discs events.

Special thanks to Michael Krueger for donating the cost for our first run of fundraiser discs.



2. Purchase Raffle Tickets:

For your chance to win one or all of the following:

  • Portable Disc Golf Basket
  • Dynamic Discs Bolt Ranger Disc Golf Bag
  • Nutsac Disc Golf Bag
  • Weekend stay at the Marriott Hotel
  • More items added weekly

Tickets are 1 for $3.00 or 2 for $5.00. You can purchase tickets at all Diva’s leagues, Dynamic Disc Kansas City store, and select Dynamic Discs events.

Drawing to be held at the KC Diva Spring Feeva event, May 9 2015 at Swope Park. You do not have to be present to win.

Special thanks to Scott Reek and Dynamic Discs for their raffle donations.


3. Volunteer:

Our tournament director, Ben Crosby, is putting together an all male volunteer staff for the day of the event so that all interested women have the opportunity to play.  Volunteer positions include hole spotters, registration and check-in staff, general setup and tear down help, and even caddies.  Many have already stepped forward and we thank you! Ben will be in touch with you soon with more details. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Ben Crosby and/or complete our volunteer form here.


4. Become a Sponsor:

 As a sponsor for this event, you will receive media attention from your association with KC Disc Golf Divas, you will help introduce the sport to more women, and you will encourage greater involvement of women in organized competition.

You will find more information on the various sponsorship opportunities on our sponsorship page here.

For other support options that might better serve your needs, please contact us. We are more than happy to discuss other creative possibilities.

5. Be a part of the Gallery:

The entire Kansas City disc golf community is invited and encouraged to come out on May 9th to support the KC Diva Spring Feeva with a gallery atmosphere. Come out to Swope and spend the day with us. Find out more about the event and registration here.

Growth of Women’s Only Events

As I was making plans and scheduling of our first women’s only event here in Kansas City, I was amazed at the growth in the number of women’s events across the country this year.

At the writing of this article, I counted 30 for 2015, including one in Norway! You’ll find a complete list on PDGA Women:

Here are a few that would make great road trips from Kansas City…

April 18-19: Texas Women’s Championships- Round Rock, TX
June 20-21: Rocky Mountain Women’s Disc Golf Championships- Denver, Co
August 29-30: 3rd Annual Saucer Sisters Invitational – Lewisville, TX
Sept 25-27: US Women’s Disc Golf Championships – Ohio

Get your diva schwag on…

Get your diva schwag on…

Get your Diva schwag on!

We started the 2015 Fall season with KC DG Diva schwag! We now have T-shirts, Diva stamped discs (Latitude 64 Diamonds), and our own bag tags.

Bag Tags: $6.00
T-shirts: $15.00
KC Diva Diamond (various weights & colors) $20.00


T-shirts and Discs will be available for sale at most league events or you can contact us here.



In November, we played our first official ‘bag tag round’ at Bad Rock Creek in Liberty.

This is how we ended up:

Mando #1, Amy Crowe #2, April #3, Liz #4, Rhonda #5, Crispian #6, Yanina #7, Jaimee #8, Anna #9, Micha #10, Suzie Z #11, Rebecca #12.


It takes WOMEN to grow women’s disc golf

Welcome to the new home of KC Disc Golf Divas – off the course.

Kansas City is known as one of the mecca’s for disc golf and our community and local club, Kansas City Flying Disc Club, have a long and rich history. Now the KC women golfers are making some history of our own.

In the spring of 2011, I started Girls Night Out at Rosedale Disc golf course. This was really a ‘re-boot’ of the original Girls Night Out I was involved in back in 2001.

I recently ran across an old article about women’s disc golf from the Summer 2003 Issue of Disc Golf World News magazine. I thought I’d share so I copied below the part that Kristie Svejda wrote about our women’s group 11 years ago:

Women’s League here in Kansas City began three years ago. I had been on a short disc golf tour in 1999 and had heard about women who started a women’s league in their hometowns. This sounded like a great idea at the time, so I placed it in the back of my mind and forgot about it until the next season. In 2000, I was playing a lot of disc golf, usually with men, and I started figuring out the details for a women’s league. I made a few signs, put them up at our parks, and on that first night, I showed up along with a couple of other women. That year ended much like it began, with little success in the number of women players, but I was beginning to see how successful such a league could be if it caught on.

In 2001, I was a little discouraged about running a women’s league. I had dropped the $2.00 entry fee, and the signs in ’01 read: “Ladies League” instead of “Women’s League.” The biggest difference was that Ladies League now had a regular player. Tiffany would come to play every Thursday night, and since we were usually the only two girls, we came up with ideas on how to get more women to come out to play. Looking back on it, we must have looked crazy telling the women we would see playing with another group, “Come play with us on girls night.” They would ask us about the details, and we would say something like. “You’re looking at it. This is it.” Thus, Ladies League began, and before long, we consistently had a full card.

By the end of 2001, we had conned a few women into coming out almost every week, and word was starting to get around. Almost every week, I would go to our regularly scheduled league nights and announce, “Tell your girlfriends or wives to come out to Rosedale on Thursday nights to play women’s league with us.” Our league was starting to bloom, and we were having a blast watching it grow.

During 2002, the name “Ladies League” was dropped and replaced with “Girls’ Night Out,” and the league was running itself. Our turnout doubled to about eight, and by the end of the season, we had 15 women showing up to play on Thursday nights. The hardest part about watching the growth of our league was that we couldn’t all play on the same card anymore. We started splitting up in to two groups and eventually three.

So far, 2003 has been great. Everyone has filled a position of sorts in running Girls’ Night Out. In addition to running the league this year, Annie has made scorecards for us and is always there with extra discs to loan or sell. Tiffany, our mother hen, watches over all the girls and was key in making the league successful. Rhonda, our marketing guru, not only made business cards for us to pass out to other women, but she is also working on a Girls’ Night Out website. We even started a funny tradition of bringing snacks for after the round. Looking back to 2000, I would have never dreamed Girls’ Night Out would be such a success in just three years.

My advice, if you want to start a Girls’ Night Out in your hometown, is to make sure everyone is having a good time. Cut out all of the competition crap, and just take it easy for a night. Ask your friends and their friends to come out and play. If they don’t want to play all of the holes or quit during the round, that’s cool, because you’re not trying to find the next champion, you’re just hoping to be able to play disc golf with some cool chicks. Eventually, if your league works out like Kansas City’s has, more and more girls will start playing at the local events. Some will join the club; and sooner or later, they may join the PDGA; and voila, you have 15 new friends, and a women’s division at the next tournament.

We’ve come along way since then and we’re getting more and more new women playing with us regularly. We became the Kansas City Disc Golf Divas in 2012 and have a really amazing group of women- of all skill levels. We have fun together on and off the course.

What’s our secret sauce? Consistency. Week after week- even in the winter, weather permitting, we’re out there making our presence known on the course and encouraging other women to join in on the fun.

So what’s next for the KC Disc Golf Divas? We’re keeping the fun, relaxed environment we’ve always had for our leagues but we’re adding some focus on the competitive side for those women that have an interest in taking their game to the next level. This fall we started our first bag tag challenge for the women that have that competitive side. It’s gone over better than I could have imagined with 20 divas tags out in circulation. I’ll be ordering more to keep up with the demand.

We’re also hosting the very first women’s only disc golf tournament here in Kansas City, May 9 2015. Learn more about the KC Diva Spring Feeva here.

Disc Golf Discs for Beginner Women Players

Disc Golf Discs for Beginner Women Players

Many of us ladies start with discs our guy friends or husbands give us and they’re not always the best option. I want to share an article I wrote back in March 2011 on that has been helpful information to other beginner women disc golfers.  I’ve added a few updates to it here.


Disc Golf Discs for Women 101

There’s a very large selection of discs to choose from and for new players it can be overwhelming trying to find a disc that you will have success with. There’s really no such thing as a ‘beginners disc’ or a ‘womens disc’ however there are certain characteristics in golf discs to look for that will help your game.

One common mistake women make when we first start playing is to choose a disc because we like the name or because it’s cool or pretty – Or throwing a disc our boyfriend or husband gave us out of their bag. Now that you’ve fallen in love with Disc Golf it’s time to get your own discs. So how do you choose the right discs? Ones that will work for you – not against you?

Here are some tips to help you choose and an explanation of the various disc characteristics you’ll come across.

Disc Weight

Disc golf discs typically range from 130 grams to 175 grams, and sometimes up to 180g. Disc weights are usually written on the bottom of discs. Lighter discs will allow beginning women players to achieve more distance and better control. Look for 150 class weights and up to the low 160’s. Keep in mind though that not all discs are available in the lower weights. You might also find that you are more comfortable with a lighter weight driver but a bit heavier mid-range or putter.

Disc Types

There are a wide variety of discs used in disc golf and they are generally divided into three categories: putters, all-purpose mid-range discs, and drivers.

  • Drivers

Drivers are usually recognized by their sharp bevelled edge and have most of their mass concentrated on the outer rim of the disc rather than distributed equally throughout. Drivers are often divided into different categories.

For example, Innova discs divides their discs into Distance Drivers and Fairway Drivers, with a fairway driver being somewhere between a distance driver and a mid-range disc.

Discraft divides their drivers into 3 categories: Long Drivers, Extra Long Drivers and Maximum Distance Drivers.

Drivers are generally the most difficult to control, but also the longest flying.

Fairway drivers have a lower speed and are easier to control. They are also an excellent first driver choice for beginners until your strength and disc control increases. The higher speed drivers have a wider rim so if you have smaller hands like I do it’s hard to get a good grip on them. If you’re fortunate enough to have a disc golf retailer near you, go in and touch and feel the plastic. Make sure the rim is not too wide.


  • Mid-Range

These discs are slower and more accurate than drivers- they tend to have a more stable and predictable flight path. Typically used for closer range shots to the basket when a driver is just too much and will help you park it under the basket vs. throwing past it.

You’ll want to have a mid-range you are comfortable with because you will find yourself using it frequently during a round. Some players will even use their mid-range as a driver in certain situations such as for short drives where trees or other obstacles come into play.

  • Putt and Approach

They are the slowest and shortest flying of the disc types. Used to hit the chains and put it in the basket. That cha-ching sound- it never gets old! Also used for making short controlled upshots.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your putter. Ladies, sinking your putts can help give you an advantage over the guys. Sure, most guys will out drive you from the teepad, but putting is on a more level playing field. Putting is not about power- its all about confidence and accuracy. So find a putter you like- then buy several in the same model so you can practice.


Disc Speed

Different drivers will have a different level of speed- For example Innova offers drivers from a speed of 8-13 and fairway drivers in the 6-7 speed range. Discs advertised as having a high speed are usually made for advanced players with high power.

As a beginner keep in mind that a higher speed disc will not necessarily help you throw farther. This is because you need to work on control and increasing your power first. Be patient- this comes in time.

Disc Stability

Like clubs in ball golf, the various types of disc golf discs are designed to travel on a specific flight paths. The disc’s flight characteristic is defined by the term stability. This is why some discs will go right and some will go left.

A simple explanation of this can be found on

Brief Description of Terms…

  • Stability is a description of the disc’s flight path.
  • Understable means a flight that turns right . (Anhyzer)
  • Stable is a flight that doesn’t turn.
  • Overstable refers to a flight that turns left . (Hyzer)

Additional advice from Discraft suggests that “as you gain experience and get to know how your discs fly under different circumstances, you’ll want to experiment with additional discs and stabilities to see which ones fit your style and fill additional needs in your bag.”

My advice on stability for beginning women players? Since beginners tend to throw discs at lower speeds, choosing a disc that is stable to slightly understable is your best bet.


Types of Disc Plastic

In researching the best way to explain the various types of plastic that discs are made of I found the best explanation given by Blake Takkusen of In his article he states, “a general rule is, the more expensive the plastic, the smoother it is. Smoother plastic has less air friction. What this translates into is that higher end plastics will make discs faster and less controllable. Faster discs require more power to throw them well, have less glide, fly more overstable, and do not fly as far. Also, smoother discs are more difficult to flatten from a hyzer, turn over, and more difficult to make fly straight.

The best plastics to start out with are generally the less expensive plastics with more air friction. While these are generally the least durable, they also break in fairly well and will actually fly farther and be easier to control for newer players. Innova’s DX plastic, Discraft’s Elite X (their mid-level), Gateway’s S, Millennium’s standard (non-Quantum), etc. will probably give the best results for those who are still developing their technique and do not yet have power to spare.”

I tend to agree. Cost is another reason it’s best to avoid purchasing discs in premium plastics as a beginner. Instead, buy cheaper discs in basic plastics and play until you are comfortable with a certain disc model. Some vendors may even offer used discs. This way if you don’t like the disc, you can try a different one without having spent too much.


Cost of Discs

New disc golf discs typically cost between $7 and $25 depending on the model of the disc and the disc plastic. Basic disc plastics like the Innova DX line are relatively inexpensive but wear quickly.

Discs in premium disc plastics like the Discraft Elite Z line and Innova Star plastic usually cost at least $15 but these plastics are extremely durable and will resist damage when they hit trees and other obstructions.


Our Top Picks for Beginning Women: (updated list for 2015)

Overall we recommend that women new to disc golf start with lighter weight discs in the ‘stable’ range that will fly straight and have good glide. Choosing too heavy a disc or more overstable discs will tend to be more difficult to control and can lead to frustration.

A good starter set would consist of 3 discs- a driver, a mid-range and a putter. Start out with the basic , less expensive DX type plastic at first. It will help keep your investment low while you play with the different discs and discover the specific discs that are best for you. After you are comfortable with a certain disc, consider purchasing a premium type plastic of that same disc model that will not wear as quickly.

Drivers: 139 – low 160 weights

Latitude 64, Diamond  (very popular with the ladies!)

Latitude 64, Jade

Innova Leopard, DX

Innova Leopard, Starlite

Innova Valkrie, DX

Innova Valkrie, StarLite

Innova Teebird, DX (also great in the wind- try one in a lighter weight and one in the 160’s range as a backup for those really windy days)

Discraft Cyclone, Pro D

Discraft Avenger SS

Discraft Stratus, Pro D

Mid-Range: 150-165 weight

Latitude 64, Pearl

Innova Roc, DX

Innova Shark, DX

Innova Cobra, DX

Discraft Buzz, Pro D

Discraft Comet, Elite X


Putters are much more of a personal preference for any disc golfer. Because of that, I’ll just list some of the more popular and widely used putters below.  As you play more, you may find you use 2 or 3 different putters depending on the shot or conditions. Once you find a putter that fits you and that you are confident in, buy several of them in the same weight- I like to have them all in the same color too 🙂

Innova Classic Aviar

Innova Classic Roc

Innova Rhyno

Latitude 64 Ruby (recommended putter for Junior Girls)

Discraft Magnet, Pro D

Discraft Soft Magnet, Pro D



Article References

  • Original article on  March 2011  author: Rhonda Crosby
  • Article on author: Blake Takkusen


I mention 2 of the most popular Disc Golf disc companies, Innova and Discraft primarily throughout this article. These are the discs that I started with years ago and are most widely known but there are many more companies that have come along since then … Latitude 64, Westside, Dynamic Discs, and Prodigy are just a few.

Have you found a disc that you feel makes a good fit for beginning women players?

Share you’re experience and tips:



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