Divas Who Dish with Becca Kephart

Divas Who Dish with Becca Kephart

Guest article by Crispian Paul

In 2016, after a ten year break from the sport, Denver-raised Becca Kephart immersed herself in Kansas City’s disc golf scene. Fast forward a couple of years and Becca is establishing her voice in women’s disc golf. In her own words, she“love[s] disc golf so much” that in March 2018, she began producing and starring in a disc golf podcast called Ladies of the Chains, which focuses exclusively on women’s disc golf. This has rapidly resulted in opportunities for Becca (and some of her friends and guests from the podcast) to provide periodic FPO commentary for The Disc Golf Guy, Terry Miller’s YouTube broadcasts, sponsorships and a trip to the 2018 Glass Blown Open to meet people and get the word out about the show.


Becca, an only child, grew up playing sports and music with her parents. She says cannot remember when she first began playing, in Fort Collins, CO but she and her husband started about 14 years ago. She loved it, even though she “didn’t know how to play” and asked her husband to go play frequently. They fell off due to life happening and took a break. Now 100% committed to her passion, Becca enjoys competing and hopes to play “around 10 tournaments this year”.


1) What is the best advice you have for a new female disc golfer?

Don’t get overwhelmed and it’s okay to feel uncomfortable. The DG community is a great community, but it can take some time to feel comfortable—it took me about a year.


2) If you could only play with three discs, driver, mid and putter, what would they be?

[A] 150 class MVP Wave, if this is the only driver I can use. It can be manipulated to do most needed shots. [An] MVP Matrix, it’s my favorite mid. [An] Axiom Envy, I putt with it in the plasma plastic and it’s a great driving putter too.


3) What part of your game are you most proud of and what would you change?

I worked really hard for the first year on my drives, and it’s something I continue to tweak, but throwing a disc farther than I ever thought I could is really fun. I keep working on dialing in my upshots, it’s getting better, but I still waste too many good drives with poor upshots.


4) Favorite snack(s) to have in your disc golf bag?

I very rarely snack during rounds. I usually get too focused on the disc golf. However, I do like to have some quick sugar energy like taffy or starbursts with me. I used to always carry a banana, but then I found I never actually ate it.


5) Name three non-disc items you always like to keep in your bag?

PDGA rule book, towel, Sharpie.


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