DivasLoveSwopeSwope Park Disc Golf course is my favorite in the city and what I call my home course. It’s beautiful year round but especially beautiful in the spring and fall. You put this amazing piece of property with such rich history in the hands of Patrick Smith and Gary Birge (and other workhorse volunteers over the years) and you get to be privileged to play on a course like we have today.

The Kansas City Disc Golf Divas have made Swope our home for our weekly fall league and our annual women’s only event, KC Diva Feeva. It’s important for us to give back and we have 2 upcoming projects that I invite you all to participate in. Instead of course work days, I prefer to call them Swope Love Projects :)

Sunday November 1st- 10 am:

[UPDATED: World Series Delay! Change of plans for our workday this Sunday, we’re a little behind schedule on getting the bush pulled out which is step one. We will still have league on Sunday but we won’t be working on our project yet. I’ll let everyone know the new date soon. It may not be on a Sunday if that’s cool with everyone.]

We’ll be starting a beautification project in front of the clubhouse and planting a flower garden. Can you imagine how beautiful it will be this spring for Diva Feeva?! Do you have a garden at home that needs some thinning out- this is the perfect time. Bring anything from your own gardens you want to share. We’ll also be planting bulbs. Bring your gardening tools if you have them too.

Sunday December 6th – 11 am:

We’ll be decorating the pine tree near #3’s basket for Christmas. Please bring out any extra decorations and ornaments you don’t need or maybe were thinking of donating/throwing away.


Both of these project will happen at Swope before league at 1pm. Any questions, let me know in comments below.

Thanks in advance for your help and support!