Yoga for Disc Golf Series

Yoga for Disc Golf Series

This is a series of articles and classes with local Disc Golf Diva and coach Jaimee Crosby. In this first class, she will share with you some useful tools to add to your disc golf routine to help with injury prevention this disc golf season. Check calendar for next upcoming class. Classes are co-ed and there is a casual round following the yoga class. Format will vary based on turnout.


We all know the importance of preparation for disc golf competition. This may look like a day of field practice, throwing 100 putts a day.  Eating healthy and staying hydrated.

But what does your warm up routine look like? What does your cool down look like?

  • Feeling tight before and after you play?
  • Suffering from chronic injuries?
  • Having trouble keeping your head in the game?
  • tired before the end of your round?
  • Have trouble sleeping before competition?
  • Problems with digestion?
  • Limited in your range of motion?

We put our bodies through a lot for the love of the sport. It’s time to give back to yourself with YOGA!

I have taken certain aspects of the disc golf game (driving, putting, getting around obstacles, poor footing) and have selected yoga poses for them.

Joint injuries (shoulder, elbow, ankle) are some of the most common reported injuries in the sport and there are stretches to help.

Join us on March 25th at Water Works park for the first of many ‘yoga for disc golfers’ events.  Class begins at 12:30 and is co-ed followed by a casual round. These classes are accessible to everyone and beginner friendly.

During this particular yoga class, we will focus on injury prevention.

Tournament season has just started, and the last thing any golfer wants is a preventable injury or sore muscles.   We will focus on certain muscle groups that protect our most important joints. While strengthening these muscle groups we will also create space in the body to lesson tension and pressure on your inner organs and again, your joints.

So how can you put these to use on the course?

I have used my experience with putting (straddle/stagger), driving and approach (fairway or around obstacles) to tailor this yoga practice specifically to the disc golfer and how we use our bodies.

Bring a yoga mat (loaner mats available upon request) and a smile.




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